Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

If you are having difficulty staying current on your debt payments, you can find help and effective solutions by coming to the Law Offices of Marshall D. Schultz. With over 33 years of combined experience, we know many ways to resolve a client's financial problems, and we have filed over 10, 000 consumer bankruptcies. Even if you are not ready to declare bankruptcy, we can review your situation to find a strategy that could help you find relief from your debts in a relatively short period of time. We treat our clients like family, providing a welcoming and informal atmosphere, and we invite you to visit our office in Detroit or Southfield for consultation.

A bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can represent you in a debt settlement action with the goal of reducing the outstanding balance on your debts. If you owe more than you can currently manage to pay, you may find yourself juggling several different minimum payments and due dates and being forced to make difficult decisions about how to balance your bills. While you are obligated to pay any amounts that you owe, the terms of any debt are negotiable.

Settle Your Debts with Legal Help

Debt settlement is not something you should attempt on your own, as creditors are often unwilling to enter negotiations directly with the borrower. When you hire an attorney, you will not only have an experienced advocate on your side, you will also be sending a message that you intend to get a favorable result. The normal agreement in a debt settlement is that the creditor will reduce the principal on your loan in exchange for a lump sum payment from you up front. Increasing numbers of debtors are going into default or declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and your creditor may be willing to accept a settlement to avoid losing the balance of the loan.

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