Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • 24-Aug-2012

    Wayne County Holds Auction for 22,504 Homes

    Next month a record of 22,504 properties are going up for auction. These properties foreclosed due to unpaid taxes and are a true testament to devastating effects from the real-estate crash. In the past three years, Wayne county has foreclosed on ...
  • 10-Aug-2012

    Olympic Families Dealing With Bankruptcy

    According to The Wall Street Journal, even those who are successful athletes have financial struggles. Recent Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas, is known for her talent and passion for her gymnastics, but it came at a cost. Paying for this level ...
  • 9-Aug-2012

    Tips Before Filing Bankruptcy

    In order to determine if bankruptcy is really the best choice for you particular financial situation, you must consider certain factors. It is advantageous to fully investigate all of your options by doing your homework. Here are a few steps to take ...
  • 1-Aug-2012

    Elderly Americans Facing Foreclosure

    Unfortunately with the continuance of what is being called The Great Recession in the United States, more and more people are losing their homes. It has been calculated that out of all the people who have lost their homes, more than 1.5 million of ...

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