Blog Posts in 2013

  • 14-Aug-2013

    Five Ways Your Debt Collector May (or May Not) Be Harassing You

    If you are in debt, you may have debt collectors contacting you on a consistent basis. As pesky as some of them may be, some typical ways a collector may try to reach you may in fact be illegal. You have legal protections in place from the Fair Debt ...
  • 12-Jun-2013

    The Benefit of Having a Lawyer for Debt Negotiation

    There are numerous debt relief and debt settlement firms in the Detroit area who claim they will be able to help you negotiate your existing debts to the point where you will only be required to pay a portion of the original loan value. While ...
  • 5-Jun-2013

    Will Filing for Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure Proceedings?

    As soon as an individual or couple files for bankruptcy, all collection actions must cease at once. One of the first parts of the bankruptcy process involves the issuance of an "automatic stay". An automatic stay is a temporary injunction, ...
  • 29-May-2013

    Fisker Automotive on the Verge of Filing for Bankruptcy

    According to recent reports, it appears as though plug-in, hybrid giant, Fisker Automotive, may be on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. Sources show the primary issue Fisker is facing is that it still owes the U.S. Department of Energy $172 million ...
  • 22-May-2013

    How Can I Benefit From Bankruptcy?

    Over the years, numerous misconceptions, myths and stigmas have surfaced concerning bankruptcy and its benefits. This has caused countless individuals to avoid taking advantage of the benefits bankruptcy can provide to help them alleviate their ...
  • 15-May-2013

    Parents of Former Michigan Brewing Co. Founder Lose Their Home, and Face Untimely Financial Ruin, After Son Files for Bankruptcy

    When Michigan Brewing Co. founder, Bobby Mason, recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, to liquidate his estimated $8 million dollars worth of liabilities, which he owed to close to 400 creditors, he also put his parents in a desperate position, ...
  • 19-Apr-2013

    Tips for Rebuilding Your Credit after Bankruptcy

    While bankruptcy offers debtors a fresh start, it's vitally important that they begin focusing on establishing healthy spending habits and rebuilding their credit as soon as possible. For debtors who filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can begin ...
  • 12-Apr-2013

    Recognizing the Bankruptcy Warning Signs

    One of the reasons why people wait so long to file bankruptcy is because they are overly concerned about what it will do to their credit. There are a number of bankruptcy myths floating around that make people fear the worst, and this is ...
  • 5-Apr-2013

    Michigan Brewing Co. Founder Files Consumer Bankruptcy

    The Michigan microbrewer Bobby Mason, founder of Michigan Brewing, Co., of Webberville has filed for Chapter 7, the debt liquidation bankruptcy, listing his assets at $3,236 and his liabilities at over $8 million dollars. Bobby Mason, from rural ...
  • 20-Feb-2013

    Fighting Back Against Wage Garnishment

    One of the more aggressive ways creditors can go about collecting on unpaid debts is to secure a court order for the garnishment of your wages. If you have failed to pay your debt, according to the terms of your agreement, and your creditor has taken ...
  • 14-Feb-2013

    I Was Just Told My Car Was Going To Be Repossessed, What Can I Do?

    Any time an individual falls behind on their agreed-upon loan payments, whether a mortgage loan, a car loan, a loan for furniture, electronics or appliances, or any other type of secured loan, they are facing the very real risk of having those items ...
  • 8-Feb-2013

    Classic Video Game Giant, Atari, Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Atari, the video game giant responsible for classic video games like Pong and Asteroids, recently announced it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to reports, filing for bankruptcy was simply one aspect of an overall plan to split from ...
  • 9-Jan-2013

    Avoid These Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

    Filing for bankruptcy protection can be a life-altering event that can turn your life around for the better. However, when debtors make the following mistakes, they can jeopardize their chances of achieving a successful bankruptcy and in some cases, ...
  • 4-Jan-2013

    Top 5 Reasons to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy but are overly concerned about what filing might do to your credit and your financial future, it's a good idea to consider what filing for bankruptcy CAN do for you. The top five reasons for filing ...
  • 2-Jan-2013

    Pharmacy Linked to Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Files Bankruptcy

    The pharmacy linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy according to Fox News. The Massachusetts based New England Compounding Center shut down operations last October after a tainted shipment containing vials of ...

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