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Debt Counseling Services in Detroit

At the Law Offices of Marshall D. Schultz, our credit counseling services are comprehensive. Your entire financial situation must be fully evaluated to determine how to best proceed. You may be a good candidate for filing bankruptcy if your debt problems are serious and there is little hope of resolving them any other way. It may be possible to take legal action against a creditor that is harassing you or make arrangements for a loan modification. Each individual is in a unique position, and the right action to take should be decided on an individual basis. There is no real cookie-cutter solution for resolving the debt. Don't choose a bankruptcy law firm that does not offer you all the alternatives. What if there is an option that would better serve you? We carefully evaluate each individual case to come up with a plan that will give you the most relief. Credit counseling can be extremely valuable in helping you to make decisions that will move you towards a healthier financial situation.

Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer

When the bankruptcy laws were amended in 2005, a new requirement for filing bankruptcy is that you have had debt counseling prior to filing. There is a list of agencies that are accredited to provide debt counseling, and if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, we can assist you with each part of the process of filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, including directing you to a debt counseling agency that is approved by the federal government.

Credit Repair or Debt Counseling Firms – What to Watch For

If you are seeking a debt counseling firm for credit repair, it is important that you do not get taken in by an unscrupulous company that will take your money and run. Under a Michigan law, the Michigan Credit Services Protection Act, it is illegal for a credit repair firm to take money from you until the firm has performed the promised services. There are red flags you must be alert to when searching for a credit counselor. If you are promised that all negative credit information will be removed from your credit report, including accurate data, this is a red flag. In fact, consumer reporting agencies are required to report accurate information (whether negative or positive) for seven years. Bankruptcy is required to show on your report for 10 years. If a firm tells you to dispute all of the information on your credit report or guarantees that all negative credit report information will be deleted (including accurate information) they are violating federal and state statutes. Be alert.

We have been involved in serving the Detroit community for years, and our legal team has over 50 years of combined experience. Over our years in practice, we have helped over 10,000 people get their financial difficulties under control through bankruptcy. Our founding attorney, Marshall D. Schultz, established his practice with the goal of providing top quality services at a reasonable rate. Are you in financial distress? Start with a free consultation. We can meet with you face to face for an appointment to review your situation and help you to come to the right decision, based upon the facts of your situation.

We know that good, hardworking people can get into financial trouble, often through no fault of their own. Job loss, reduced hours or pay, divorce or a medical disaster can destroy your financial health. You deserve to be assisted by an attorney that cares about you and will take the time and effort to find the best option to get your financial difficulties under control and moving in the right direction. We can help you get your financial life back on track. Schedule a visit to come into either our office in Detroit or Southfield, depending on what is most convenient for you.

Contact the Law Offices of Marshall D. Schultz for more information about credit counseling, bankruptcy, bankruptcy alternatives, foreclosure defense, and debt negotiations. 


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