Can I Save My Home By Filing For Chapter 13?

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, an experienced Detroit Chapter 13 attorney from our firm may be able to help you obtain the debt relief you seek. The attorneys here at Marshall D. Schultz have handled more than 10,000 bankruptcy cases and we know how to get real results. We take pride in the fact that we have helped countless individuals and families save their homes and obtain a fresh financial start, and we are ready to take an aggressive stand to help you as well.

Chapter 13 is a type of bankruptcy best suited to those individuals who have a stable source of income and other assets at their disposal, yet who have found themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable to keep up with their mortgage payments and other debts. Chapter 13 will not discharge your debt, however it will give you the opportunity to restructure your debt, catch up on past due payments and regain control of your financial situation. As soon as you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, all collection efforts and foreclosure proceedings will come to an immediate halt.

When you sit down with one of our attorneys we will be able to evaluate your current situation, determine how much disposable income you can afford to direct towards your Chapter 13 repayment plan and help you prepare the documentation necessary to file for bankruptcy protection. We always work with our clients' best interests in mind, so you can trust that we will help you devise a workable strategy intended you save your home and get you back on the right track. If you are facing foreclosure we advise you waste no time. Call our firm now!

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