Our Firm vs. a Bankruptcy Mill

You may hear many of their ads blasting on the radio or TV. You may also have heard of the incredible number of bankruptcy cases they have churned out. Unfortunately, these could be a couple of the danger signs of a bankruptcy mill, a law firm that is looking to make a buck off of collecting as many clients as possible, then lazily handling each case the same, inefficient way. In fact, a lawyer may barely touch your case at all, only handing it off to a clerk or paralegal. When you are seeking debt relief you need—and deserve—something better. You deserve to have personalized attention to your case, to find a custom solution for your unique situation.

When you work with a bankruptcy mill, however, the firm's shoddy structure exposes you to the very real potential for:

  • A lack of personalized care: you pay up, and then the mill goes through the motions, spending no time to create a customized solution for you at all
  • Numerous errors: many of the "professionals" at a mill aren't even lawyers. You can expect inexperienced, sloppy work as a result.
  • No interaction with a lawyer: instead of having an attorney's guidance at each step, you might clap eyes on the attorney for the first time at the meeting of creditors. It is likely that your own lawyer will barely have an idea of what your situation is.
  • Exorbitant costs: what's the price tag for this slapdash service? An insanely high fee. That's thanks to the bucks spent on advertising their services.

In order to dodge these pitfalls, think twice before working with a firm if you see the following:

  • If the person you speak to isn't an attorney
  • If you are denied access to an attorney
  • No one asks you about your financial situation
  • Nobody discusses the bankruptcy process
  • You aren't counseled on which type of bankruptcy to file
  • No one addresses your questions, or replies to issues you raise up

Avoiding a bankruptcy mill is one thing, but whom can you actually turn to successfully complete your bid for a fresh start? In order to make sure that you are making the right financial and legal choices for your future, you deserve to be working with a skilled lawyer each step of the way, to work with a legal professional who is concerned about addressing your needs and concerns.

The Solution: Work with a Proven Legal Advocate

When you are looking for a reliable, dedicated bankruptcy attorney in Detroit, you can trust the Law Offices of Marshall D. Schultz. Our attorneys have more than 33 years of collective experience to pour into your case, and we are always committed to providing every client with the one-on-one interaction they deserve. To find out more about the expert representation you can expect from our firm, you can schedule your free consultation today!

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