Law Offices of Marshall D. Schultz Open During Pandemic

Have you been affected by COVID-19? The pandemic has likely affected every person in different ways and varying degrees. No one is immune to the physical, social, and economic effects of this global crisis, and the Law Offices of Marshall D. Schultz is here to mitigate those effects as quickly as possible. We are staying open to ensure individuals and families have the legal support they need during this unprecedented moment in history.

If you have suffered financially from the pandemic, you are not alone. The number of Americans who have filed unemployment in this past month is record-breaking. But government benefits may not be enough to fully repair the damage, especially if you are supporting a family. If you find yourself using credit cards or loans to make ends meet, the resulting debt may become unmanageable.

Let our office help you implement the long-term financial solution you need. To keep our office, clients, and community safe, we are currently conducting all consultations via telephone. Your initial consultation is free—call (888) 822-6730 or contact us online to schedule yours today!