Blog Posts in March, 2014

  • 18-Mar-2014

    If I Cannot Pass the Means Test, Can I Still File for Bankruptcy?

    One of the most common misconceptions people have about bankruptcy is that they will be unable to file for bankruptcy if they cannot pass the means test. That is simply not true. Bankruptcy is available to almost any individual who wants to clean ...
  • 12-Mar-2014

    My Creditor Has Filed a Lawsuit Against Me. What Should I Do?

    When an individual obtains a loan, takes out a mortgage on a house, acquires a credit card or purchases any item with deferred payments, he or she has a legal responsibility to the creditor to fulfill the agreed-upon terms of that financial ...
  • 7-Mar-2014

    5 Ways You May Be Able to Avoid Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is often viewed as a last and final option for people who have found themselves struggling under what seems to be an overwhelming amount of debt. Bankruptcy is not necessarily the only debt relief that may be available to them. There are ...

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