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  • 31-May-2017

    Can I Get Rid of Student Loan Debt?

    Education is one of the most important steps to take in securing a successful future. With today’s rise in the cost of education, almost every student in the United States has had to take out some kind of student loan, leaving them with ...
  • 24-Sep-2014

    How to Have a Successful Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 claims are not designed to eliminate a person's debt; rather, they enable a claimant to restructure their finances and begin paying off their debt. A Chapter 13 case typically takes around 60 months, during ...
  • 20-May-2014

    What Doesn't Bankruptcy Do?

    If you are wondering whether bankruptcy is right for you, it is important you not only understand what bankruptcy does do, but what it doesn't do as well. Bankruptcy is not an end-all solution to financial debt. 1. Individuals who have an ...
  • 12-May-2014

    How Does Bankruptcy Discharge Work?

    Being weighed down under a significant amount of debt can leave a person feeling stressed out, unsure of his or her rights and wondering whether there are any legal options that can be pursued. Filing for bankruptcy is an extremely effective way for ...
  • 27-Feb-2014

    Can I Eliminate Tax Debt Through Bankruptcy?

    Filing for bankruptcy is one of the ways in which an individual can pursue much needed debt relief. Not all debt can be eliminated or discharged during the bankruptcy process. Certain debts will remain your financial responsibility regardless of ...
  • 12-Jun-2013

    The Benefit of Having a Lawyer for Debt Negotiation

    There are numerous debt relief and debt settlement firms in the Detroit area who claim they will be able to help you negotiate your existing debts to the point where you will only be required to pay a portion of the original loan value. While ...
  • 29-May-2013

    Fisker Automotive on the Verge of Filing for Bankruptcy

    According to recent reports, it appears as though plug-in, hybrid giant, Fisker Automotive, may be on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. Sources show the primary issue Fisker is facing is that it still owes the U.S. Department of Energy $172 million ...

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