Detroit Bankruptcy Blog

Detroit Bankruptcy Blog

  • 23-Apr-2018

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Could Help Prevent Foreclosure On Your Home

    After falling behind on mortgage payments – approximately four months’ worth by most lenders’ standards – foreclosure becomes a real possibility. Banks will often not hesitate to try to foreclose on your home. If you want some ...
  • 8-Mar-2018

    The Pros and Cons of Declaring Bankruptcy Under Chapter 13

    Making the decision to move forward with declaring bankruptcy is undoubtedly a difficult step. A lot is at stake, including your future credit, reputation, and even your self-image. However, declaring bankruptcy is often necessary to begin a new, ...
  • 18-Jan-2018

    Chapter 7 Means Test - What You Need to Know

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to discharge certain unsecured debts, such as credit card debt and medical bills. When you file for Chapter 7, you are basically saying that you don’t have enough income to pay off your debts. Known as ...
  • 16-Jan-2018

    How Do I Know if I Qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

    Sometimes, we end up in financial situations far beyond our control. This means, we may have to need to except help from entities outside of ourselves. There’s no shame in admitting you are in over your head and need the help of an ...
  • 14-Nov-2017

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debt Limits

    In order to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your existing debt cannot exceed a certain amount. If you plan to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you should be aware that there are ways to have some of your existing debts excluded from the total amount ...
  • 31-May-2017

    Can I Get Rid of Student Loan Debt?

    Education is one of the most important steps to take in securing a successful future. With today’s rise in the cost of education, almost every student in the United States has had to take out some kind of student loan, leaving them with ...
  • 24-Mar-2016

    What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    Having an unmanageable financial debt can be overwhelming. If you’re thinking of filing for bankruptcy, you may want to explore which bankruptcy chapter is best for you. Our Detroit bankruptcy attorneys can help you understand if filing for ...
  • 5-Oct-2015

    Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    For those unable to manage their debt, bankruptcy is a means of restructuring it such that some of your assets can be sold off to pay down your debts and can make further payments more manageable. While filing for bankruptcy is a very significant ...
  • 17-Nov-2014

    Save Your House from Foreclosure

    As the birthplace of the American automobile industry, Detroit has always been a great place to raise a family. The dream of homeownership in this city has been threatened by the high rate of mortgage foreclosures across the state. Owning a home in ...
  • 4-Nov-2014

    Bankruptcy After Divorce

    One of the biggest adjustments to life after divorce is making due with just one salary. Sometimes your bills become too oppressive and you find yourself with extensive debt. In this case, bankruptcy can be a viable means of clearing your debt and ...
  • 24-Sep-2014

    How to Have a Successful Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 claims are not designed to eliminate a person's debt; rather, they enable a claimant to restructure their finances and begin paying off their debt. A Chapter 13 case typically takes around 60 months, during ...
  • 10-Sep-2014

    How Long Does a Chapter 7 Case Last?

    If you are trapped in debt and your income is below the median, you may be able to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This process will allow you to eliminate certain types of debt and resume life without the stress caused by years of accumulated debt. ...
  • 14-Jul-2014

    Our Firm vs. a Bankruptcy Mill

    You may hear many of their ads blasting on the radio or TV. You may also have heard of the incredible number of bankruptcy cases they have churned out. Unfortunately, these could be a couple of the danger signs of a bankruptcy mill, a law firm that ...
  • 2-Jun-2014

    Small Business and Bankruptcy

    Are you a small business owner who is currently struggling to keep up with financial obligations? Are you being threatening with legal action or worried that you will be unable to maintain operations? If so, you may want to consider bankruptcy as a ...
  • 26-May-2014

    What to Avoid Before Filing Bankruptcy

    Making the decision to file for bankruptcy will likely prove to be a significant turning point in your life. The actions you take immediately after making such a decision will have a direct impact on the success of your case and its overall outcome. ...

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